Sikker sejr til 1. holdet i Divisionspokalens 1/8 finale

20. september 2020, 17.50

I går var vores1. Herrehold afsted til udebanekamp i 1/8 finalen af Divisionsåpokalturneringen‼️

Turen gik ned i det dybeste Sønderjylland, nemlig Sønderborg, hvor holdet skulle møde Spirillen BK fra Serie 1. Træner Kim Malfroy var til dels tilfreds med holdets præstation: 

"We played with only 8 players out of the 15 player squad. As has been the norm, we got off to a strong start and was able to stretch a seven-point first-quarter lead (16-23) into a 20-point halftime advantage (26-46). In the 3th period we played sloppy basket, given 2nd shots away to Spirillen, or not being focused in offense when we're passing. After a time out we played better and focused more on teamplay which led us after 3 periods with 39-75.
Going into the final period Spirillen ultimately put effort to make it a hard 4th period for Odense but we kept the energy and won the game with 54-100. Every player has a big part in the easy roadkill, but we didn't shine on the court against a 3 level lower team. We had a lot of turnovers, weak passes, no confidence in passing and only 60% on the free throws (21/35).

(Billede - 1. holdet under opvarmning til kampen)

Our next game will be the 1st game in the Division 1 league on 11 october away against the previous champions Aalborg, and hopefully we can recover some players and play as never before."

Spirillen BK 54-100 Odense Basketball Klub 1 

Oliver Andersen -23 point (31. min)
Jesper Hjembæk - 18 point (34 min.)
Brian Amondo - 12 point (23 min.)
Eric Will - 12 point (23 min.)
Jonas Nilket - 12 point (19 min.)
Mindausgas Boruta - 10 point (20 min.)
Steffen Mogensen - 9 point (25 min.)
Ruben Foldager - 4 point (25 min.)